Meditation Workshop སྒོམ་གྱི་ཕན་ཡོན་བསྟན་པ།

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Meditation Workshop སྒོམ་གྱི་ཕན་ཡོན་བསྟན་པ།

This past Saturday, November 25th, Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche led a group of approximately ten new and experienced students in a meditation workshop hosted by Heruka Institute at Newcastle Library.
Rinpoche taught on the many benefits of establishing a meditation practice as well as the methods and techniques he has learned and perfected over his many years of training under highly accomplished teachers.
Students left with a better understanding of the ways in which meditation relieves anxiety, develops compassion, brings meaning to life, and makes us happier people. It is a precious gift and a blessing to receive meditation instruction from such an actualized master!

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