H.E. Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche and Helena Rocks

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H.E. Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche and Helena Rocks

By Julie Ryder

On Friday June 15, 2018 Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche  arrived in Helena, Montana.  We slipped between the rain clouds all the way to the Goddess Dolmen and Animal Rocks which are positioned on a major earth energy grid line of the Montana Megaliths.  Rinpoche climbed up to the top of Titanic Rock to view alignments.  

Goddess Dolmen area was covered in wildflowers in full bloom.  Nearby Rinpoche requested we stop the car as he saw another megalithic structure in the forest.  After exploration of the stone structure he named it Dog Dolmen.  

The pouring rain continued.  The plan on Saturdaywas for the Rinpoche to teach at Giant’s Playground however the venue was changed to the JAML Library.  JAML is a library and meeting place where Dr. Richard O’Connor has sponsored meetings to educate people about UFO and related subjects.  Rinpoche presented teachings about the ancient  Tibetan traditions and told stories of his own experiences.

On Saturdayafternoon we retreated to Deb Thorpe’s home where Sarah Margaret soothed us with a Tibetan Bowl concert and Nicole Masters performed a Maori Fire Dance.  Julie Ryder presented her website photographs of the Montana Megaliths, experiences with two ancient crystal skulls, ancient glyphs in Montana and the connection of the world wide ancient language to cymatic frequencies.  Maps demonstrating that the Montana Megaliths are positioned on a major earth energy grid line generated conversation about harmonic frequencies and the healing energy of electromagnetic beams that are generated here.  

On Sunday thirty  people strolled  through Giant’s Playground as a light rain gifted the plants and trees.  A spotted baby deer fawn hidden beneath a tree slept quietly.   Everyone crowded into the Evergreen Dolmen where the Rinpoche sang ancient chants.   

We viewed the Robotic Watcher and the Tower Dolmen. Rinpoche taught at the Bennu Bird and again at the Pink Vault.

The rain stopped when we arrived at the stone  Silver Skull where we we filmed the Rinpoche on video teaching about the Tibetan Kings connections with the large hats that possible covered their elongated skulls.

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