Rinpoche Returns to Sitka


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Rinpoche Returns to Sitka

There is only one way to go, and that is up! In more ways then one. Last weekend Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche returned to Sitka to teach his third Dharma workshop. We began our weekend hiking up majestic mountains. Rinpoche played the song Floating Blessings on his flute while overlooking all of Sitka. His hostess’ house was on a secluded island, which is a ten minute boat ride from  of Sitka. Each night, we were surrounded by the wildness of eagles, sea lions, whales, and wild flowers.

The following day, he taught Samantha and a beginners class of Vipassana. Sunday morning, he gave a talk concerning Buddha Nature and Mother Nature to help people understand the innate  Buddha consciousness in all living beings and to awaken one’s respect for all life on the planet through compassion and kindness. That evening, we held a Tibetan Cooking and Culture class. We made the soul food of Tibet called Thukpa . Rinpoche showed a documentary after dinner that he made of his life in Tibet. The documentary encompasses his family, education, history, religion, and the wild life of Tibet. While showing the documentary he took his time pausing and telling personal stories. This connected our hearts to Tibet and deepened our friendship, respect and compassion for his life’s journey.

We learned a lot in a small amount of time and look forward to his return.

Sitka Sangha

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