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Rinpoche Teaches in Ojai

Written by Heruka Ojai

H.E. Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche from Seattle, WA, was graciously hosted by Heruka Sangha, Ojai, CA March 30-31. Teachings were hosted at the Mandala Restaurant and the Secret Place Yoga Center.

We received teachings about mediation, Buddhanature–the fundamental nature of all beings– and about the true transformative power and inspiration of female and male Buddhas, including the deeply venerated Tara, Saraswati, and many others.

The teachings were accessible and understandable, yet very profound. Rinpoche’s joyful nature, lovingkindness, and compassion truly touched our hearts.

Everybody was very happy. After the last evening teachings, he shared an inspiring film about his life, growing up in the Tibetan highlands, receiving education as a monk and receiving teachings from many precious masters. This reflected the tremendous depth of the wisdom transmission he has received.

We are truly fortunate!

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