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An Evening with a Tulku and Tantric Master

by Yeshi Khandro

South Florida has been blessed with the presence of Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche. During our preparation, we gathered fruits and flowers from the garden to place on the altar as bountiful offerings. The energy of excitement and anticipation filled the air! As Rinpoche arrived in the early afternoon to the Miami Sangha home, he got to meet our big Bodhisattva kitty named Artemis, she laid on Rinpoche’s lap as he chanted mantras to her, what a blessing for out kitties to receive! Shortly after, we sat down to enjoy dinner before the main event. We prepared delicious veggies and salad for Rinpoche and for us all to share! 

The community started to arrive for the event which was a discussion on Buddha Nature and Human Nature. The room got filled rather quickly and due to the South Florida heat, you can feel the room getting warmer, all though I have a feeling it was the energy of the community ready to receive these teachings in great excitement. The discussion was deep and direct, easily digestible for all present. Rinpoche placed a huge emphasis on following a vegetarian diet, which we were all ready to hear. He went deeper into the nature of Buddha and the nature of Human. We learned that Human nature is love and kindness, we ultimately need one another and we are irrevocably interdependent, always. 

Buddha nature is wisdom and clear light, it is found within everything and everyone, Buddha nature is the fundamental essence of all! After the two hour discussion, Rinpoche shared with us his travels from Nepal to Tibet and then to the states, presenting beautiful pictures on the screen. It was wonderful to get to know our teacher deeper. After the evening was complete, the community expressed their immense gratitude for having Rinpoche here to share these auspicious teachings, everyone felt this reunion was much needed and called for, and we couldn’t agree more! 

The next morning, we gathered for a delicious breakfast, as we prepared to go on our meditation walk. The walk was peaceful, six sangha members joined and a baby. We walked around a beautiful park and chanted mantras to the fish and turtles, for their liberation. All of the water animals came to greet us and stayed as we prayed and sang. Each and everyone of us present felt a palpable wisdom as we followed our teachers footsteps. It was an overall wonderful experience and we all feel really grateful to have had the honour to host Rinpoche in South Florida for the first time. We give thank and praise to all the retinue of deities that guide and support our auspicious aspirations. Until next time, Rinpoche, we will always welcome you with open Hearts!

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