How to Become a Good Practitioner

The Venerable Tulku Yeshi Gyatso Rinpoche of Sakya Monastery in Seattle discusses Emptiness as taught by the Buddha. He uses the examples of the human body, his own name, body and consciousness to explain Emptiness. Thanks to Pema Kharpo and Rigdzin Tingkhye.

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sermon date 2015-05-25
sermon manager Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche
Sermon Location Helena, Montana

Teaching in Helena, Montana

Tulku Yeshe Rinpoche speaks in Helena, Montana March 25, 2015

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The Beauty of Chenrezi

This past Saturday, we students had the fortunate opportunity to listen to a precious Dharma teaching from Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche and receive transmission on the two texts that he had explained. After a few days of unexpected summer rainstorms filled with lightning and showers, Saturday came along with radiant sun and warmth. Many students gathered to welcome Rinpoche and he began to teach the glorious Dharma; giving direction and explanation on the two Chenrezi texts used at Sakya Monastery.

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