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One thought on “Donate

  • Karen Johnstone

    Thank you Rinpoche, for your Facebook teaching session tonight. I am making my donation in appreciation for your kindness and generosity and to support your work.

    The past 18 days have been quite a challenge and practice opportunity for me. On January 30, my brother Charles had 8 hour surgery to remove a brain tumor impacting his vision. It was quite large. The doctor removed all of it. My brother is still in the hospital and will probably be transferred to an inpatient rehab center tomorrow and then home in a week or two.

    One night while my brother was still in intensive care, I stayed at his room overnight, reciting mantras and practicing Guru Yoga. I “saw” you and Younge Khachab Rinpoche beside my brother. The next morning when I woke up, I saw one of my brother’s doctors. He looks very much like you!

    My brother is recovering well.

    I am grateful for my connection to the Dharma and your kindness, generosity and your time for all of us.



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