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Welcome to our meditation workshop reflections from our second Tibetan Buddhist Meditation workshop in Sitka Alaska with Tulku Yeshi Gyatso Rinpoche. Friday evening September 1: Buddhist Philosophy and Introduction to Buddhist Meditation, laid awarerness of the four seals of Buddhism. Rinpoche shared a lot of personal life stories of reincarnations and of Tibetan culture. At the end of class was a light mediation on impermanence. Saturday morning September 2 was Vipassana part two. This was an hour and a half deep meditation which was aimed to cultivate positive energy and release the negative. We brought in clean energy with the red light and burned the negative with blue light 100 times. The students received amazing balance benefits from this practice that lasted to the next day. Later in the afternoon, we learned Healing Tibetan Yoga. We learned the five posses of Tibetan Yoga, this class focused on mollifying depression and anxiety that can be more common in colder climates. Sunday morning September 3, Beginning Mantras and Tonglen “Universal Compassion Meditation” we learned the four most common mantras and the history of there lineage. Rinpoche shared stories of the power of mantras. That Sunday afternoon we did a walking meditation by the ocean, which was a new experience for many. We walked mindfully along the ocean around the harbor and meditated on universal compassion. The workshop ended with a lovely potluck dinner at the studio, where we got to share stories and eat big plates of vegetable pancit. Until next time! May peace be with you.

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To prepare for Tulku Rinpoche’s spring visit, Homer students conceived Practicing Compassion in Challenging Times. Working with Lisa Talbott, a Methodist Minister, this idea blossomed into an inter-faith event on March 17th. About 100 people met two of Tulku’s students. Nancy Lee-Evans shared the spiritual benefits of the labyrinth and Skywalker Payne told the story of Chenrezig, Buddha of Compassion.


Twenty-eight people packed a classroom at Kachemak Bay Community College to listen to Tulku’s free teaching on the 10 Benefits of Meditation on March 23rd.

Many of those same people showed up at the teachings he gave that weekend at Many Rivers Yoga Studio. On Friday, the 24th, Rinpoche taught us Medicine Buddha yoga, an easy practice involving physical movement, mantra recitation, and visualization.


Rinpoche expanded our understanding of the Green Tara Practice and the Praises to the 21 Taras. We participated in the process of grinding dried Alaskan herbs and flowers to assist Rinpoche in making incense.  The importance of understanding the Four Seals as the foundation for knowing what being a Buddhist means was well attended. He ended that teaching with a deep and enlightening meditation. Buddhist Practices in Challenging Times, Rinpoche’s last teaching, brought in many students, some who’d participated in the inter-faith event.


After visiting Homer for almost ten years, Rinpoche’s students formally named themselves the Sky Dancers Sangha.


Captions – Tulku Rinpoche sits with the new Homer Sky Dancers Sangha – (from left to right) Nancy Lee-Evans, Anna Raupp, Wendy Erd, Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche, Deb Poore, and Kayla Spaan


Rinpoche stands on Many Rivers porch with Skywalker Payne after a teaching.

~ Article written by Skywalker Payne[:]

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H.E. Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche is happy to visit his wonderful Sangha in Homer, AK once again. The schedule is as follows:

March 24th

5:30-7:30pm Medicine Buddha Tantric Yoga & Community Yoga

March 25th

11am-1pm Green Tara Commentary
2-5pm Making Incense For Medicine Buddha Practice

March 26th

10am-12pm Buddhism’s Four Seals
3-6pm Buddhist Practices in Challenging Times

Suggested Donation

All five classes $130.00 (Discounted)

Individual classes $30

Call the number listed below or click the register button below to join!
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