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This past Saturday, November 25th, Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche led a group of approximately ten new and experienced students in a meditation workshop hosted by Heruka Institute at Newcastle Library.
Rinpoche taught on the many benefits of establishing a meditation practice as well as the methods and techniques he has learned and perfected over his many years of training under highly accomplished teachers.
Students left with a better understanding of the ways in which meditation relieves anxiety, develops compassion, brings meaning to life, and makes us happier people. It is a precious gift and a blessing to receive meditation instruction from such an actualized master!

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Welcome to our meditation workshop reflections from our second Tibetan Buddhist Meditation workshop in Sitka Alaska with Tulku Yeshi Gyatso Rinpoche. Friday evening September 1: Buddhist Philosophy and Introduction to Buddhist Meditation, laid awarerness of the four seals of Buddhism. Rinpoche shared a lot of personal life stories of reincarnations and of Tibetan culture. At the end of class was a light mediation on impermanence. Saturday morning September 2 was Vipassana part two. This was an hour and a half deep meditation which was aimed to cultivate positive energy and release the negative. We brought in clean energy with the red light and burned the negative with blue light 100 times. The students received amazing balance benefits from this practice that lasted to the next day. Later in the afternoon, we learned Healing Tibetan Yoga. We learned the five posses of Tibetan Yoga, this class focused on mollifying depression and anxiety that can be more common in colder climates. Sunday morning September 3, Beginning Mantras and Tonglen “Universal Compassion Meditation” we learned the four most common mantras and the history of there lineage. Rinpoche shared stories of the power of mantras. That Sunday afternoon we did a walking meditation by the ocean, which was a new experience for many. We walked mindfully along the ocean around the harbor and meditated on universal compassion. The workshop ended with a lovely potluck dinner at the studio, where we got to share stories and eat big plates of vegetable pancit. Until next time! May peace be with you.

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Heruka Institute and Tibetan Association of Washington continued their ongoing collaboration today as Rinpoche spoke with the local Tibetan children about his own life in Tibet. Rinpoche kindly and openly shared about what his life was like growing up; what it is like for little monks living in Tibetan Monasteries. The children were very interested and had wise and interesting questions to ask Rinpoche about this topic. Afterwards, Rinpoche led the children in a short Meditation practice. It was easy to see the benefit of this gathering, as the children were captivated by Rinpoche’s storytelling and eager to apply his instructions to practice.

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This past weekend, May 6th-7th, Rinpoche was very pleased to lead an enjoyable and valuable Annual Retreat with the Sangha of The Nalanda Institute, Olympia. This took place at Gwinwood Retreat Center in Lacey,WA. This property is a Christian Center, and it is located on a calm and peaceful lake that was breathtakingly beautiful throughout this sunny and auspicious weekend. The topics were Bodhicitta, Emptiness and the Six Paramitas; i.e. The Bodhisattva Path. Rinpoche organized the teaching to where he would lecture on a specific aspect first, and then give time for the students to meditate on that which was just discussed. This allowed for in depth lecture, especially regarding the Six Paramitas, or Perfections, with a meditation session to accompany each Perfection individually. Rinpoche had a wonderful time spending time with the Sangha in the radiant natural setting.

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Recently, H.E. Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche began what will be an ongoing gathering to enrich Tibetan children and parents on topics of their choice as a family together. This began on Sunday, February 12th and was held at the Shoreline Senior Center. Rinpoche gave a talk on “Happy Meditation”, and then discussed the Losar Celebration next. Everyone was very intent on learning together and had a wonderful time doing so. After the two discussions came time for the children to give their meditation practice a try. As you can see from the beautiful pictures, the children did a wonderful job of putting Rinpoche’s instructions to use. It is clear to see the pure effort coming forth as they try diligently to clear their minds and use the meditation techniques. Rinpoche was kind enough to share a synopsis of his meditation instruction and direction in how to utilize the Dalai Lama’s ability to help them with situations that they face as children.

First sit down, legs crossed. In the Lotus posture if you are able, like Buddha- or half lotus posture. Then, put your left hand down and right hand inside the left hand, thumbs touching together. Straighten your spine and close your eyes naturally. Relax your whole body and then visualize in front of you, above a little bit in front of you (2 feet) . Visualize a baby Dalai Lama, about 4-5 years old, wearing the monk’s robes. He is sitting down in the same posture as you. His face is smiling brightly. Think about the Dalai Lama being able to know everything that you are thinking. He has great love, compassion, wisdom, and power. He can help you with whatever you need. Then visualize from the Dalai Lama’s heart, a light line coming out, coming down between you and him halfway. From your heart rays a white light going up and touches the Dalai Lama’s light- your light together becomes one line light; white color, so peaceful. Then visualize now the Dalai Lama’s peaceful and compassionate mind and your mind becoming one mind. Connecting minds. Keep this feeling and be happy and relaxed for 3 minutes.

 Just concentrate on this mind and the light. This mind is like a wire. Your mind and the Dalai Lama’s mind become one mind. Now, it comes into your heart, goes back to Dalai Lama’s heart. Light comes, goes, comes, goes, slowly comes, slowly goes back into Dalai Lama’s mind and comes back…For another 3 minutes.

Then recite “Gyalwa Rinpoche Kyenno”, slowly 7 times. No need to say it loudly; say it silently in your mind. This means, “The Dalai Lama knows everything.” Also, this means, “Dalai Lama, please lead me, please bless me.” Then the baby Dalai Lama becomes small, small, small, very small. This very little tiny Dalai Lama dissolves into the light, the white light that comes from his heart. Then this little, tiny Dalai Lama comes thru the light, goes inside the light and then dissolves into your heart with the light. Now visualize the little tiny Dalai Lama inside your heart. Then open your eyes and relax, look around…

Anytime that you don’t understand an answer from your homework, you can visualize the Dalai Lama in front of you , as you meditate at the meditation time. Then say, “Gyalwa Rinpoche, His Holiness, please give me the wisdom to understand the answers from my homework”. Then you pray and the Dalai Lama can give you the wisdom to understand all of these answers. Also, when you have a cold, fever or cough from school or outside. At that time you can visualize the Dalai Lama in the space in front of you and pray. Saying, “Please Dalai Lama, Gyalwa Rinpoche, please bless me. Please help me to recover from my cold, flu, I want to go to school.” At that time the Dalai Lama can bless you. If at times at night you become scared or nervous because of the dark in your bedroom. At that time you can visualize the brilliant light of the Dalai Lama in front of u and pray, “Please Dalai Lama, bless me. I need your help to go to sleep well.” Then, His Holiness will bless you. No matter if the Dalai Lama stays in India, Dharamsala, or Europe; he can see you directly, because he loves Tibetan kids very much. So he can see directly, as if he is using a telescope. Please keep this in your mind, and every morning please do 3 prostrations in front of the Dalai Lama’s picture and pray that the  Dalai Lama will bless you. Also, before you go to bed at night, please do 3 prostrations and pray for the Dalai Lama’s blessings.

The Tibetan community will come together on a regular basis with Rinpoche in this way. We look forward to checking in and seeing the progress being made, and getting a glimpse of these precious  moments that the children experience.

Photo Credit- Kurt Smith Photography

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